How to search for the right Job

As a candidate, searching for a job is a time-consuming process. Finding the right job, however takes even more time and energy. There are thousands of companies all looking for a candidate like you, but out of all those companies, how do you shortlist the best cultural fit for you? Taking any job just because of the lucrative salary, brand value or perks offered is a recipe for burnout and eventual job dissatisfaction. Remember we work to live; we don’t live to work! Sometimes the search for a perfect job can make you feel like you are going around in circles. Normally you can’t find out about the management style, job role, and working culture when you are in the interview, and you can only really find out once you yourself are working there. Therefore, it can be helpful to take a step back before sending out job applications by the thousands. Looking at a different angle can give you a fresh boost of confidence if you're feeling in a rut, and hopefully land you that opportunity you've been looking for. Here are some tips that will definitely help you in your search for the right job.

· Try online networking via LinkedIn. These days, recruiters for top companies are turning to LinkedIn more and more for their job searches. LinkedIn can be a great way to meet and network with a connection that may grant you your future dream job.

· Employee referrals are one of the most popular methods used for recruitment by employers, as companies often prefer to hire someone who their trusted employees can vouch for. Ask your friends and family who work in companies you'd like to join. This can often result in you finding out about vacancies before anyone else does, and instantly put you at an advantage if someone can recommend you.
Go beyond job openings. Focus your job search on specific companies with an impressive brand name and work culture in the market. Send them your resume. Remember even if they don’t have any vacancy for your profile, they will store your resume which may prove to help you get contacted by them when they do have a role for you. 

How to find the right candidate

Finding the right candidates is always a challenge. Recruiter and other HR professionals that don't use out-of-the-box recruiting strategies are often unable to find the right candidates that are suitable for their open positions. With recent advancements in HR technologies, there are many new solutions for some of the toughest recruiting challenges, and many companies finally implementing these new techniques to continually improve their hiring strategies and find the right candidates easier and quicker. Here are some points on how to find the right candidate.

Learn what skills, talents, character and abilities the ideal candidate will have. If you are not clear on these, then it will make finding the right candidate much harder. Learn a candidate’s emotional drivers, passions and goals in the interview and in the contact, you have with them. This is very important to finding the right fit for your organizational culture.Try engaging your current employees. Understand from your current employees why they love to work for you. From that you can identify strategies on how to maximize this to create a great working culture.

Use the facts from your organization’s culture to attract the right candidates. Your employees are trusted more, by candidates than CEO’s and high-level management executives. Write clear, concise and detailed job descriptions. In the job description, clearly state what skills you are looking for and call out the value proposition your company offers. Try implementing and maintaining employee referral systems. Remember that your current employees are trusted people who can vouch for the skills and temperament of the candidate that is to be hired.

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